Jaguar Premium Water

Jaguar Premium Water

Jaguar Beverage is a brand with international presence dedicated to the production and distribution of Premium Natural Mineral Waters and Flavoured Waters from Patagoina. We bottle our waters at our Patagonia source using the most advanced technology under strict quality controls. Our waters are produced under the following quality certifications: FDA, IFS, ISO 9000, HACCP, HALAL & KOSHER. We produce 100% natural only without any additives or preservatives.
In Patagonia Argentina a millennial treasure is saved, Jaguar Water; Pure, Healthy and well Balanced. Protected by a colossal guardian, the Andes Mountains, who preserved its Purity unchanged over time. Located in the eternal ice at the high Mountains and joining right into the heart of the Andes through a natural filter, Jaguar Water goes from the source to the bottle without any human contact or contact with the compromised atmosphere of our century. Jaguar Water is one of the last millennial reservoirs unspoiled by pollution and untouched by man. The Patagonia aquifer extends like a vast lake beneath the basal limestone in the province of Neuquén. The water deposited there felt as snow or rain for over the past 150 years in the mountainous border near Lake Lion. The water trickled onto the surface fissured basalt filtering at a rate of one meter per year to surface in the shed located on a cliff in Collon Cura. It emerges at a constant temperature of 50°F (10°C) in winter and summer, showing the depth and underground distance travelled, achieving a higher quality than other waters thanks to its low mineral composition. Our Jaguar Premium Waters brings together the perfect combination to offer you an outstanding quality and concept that differentiate from all other brands. With its unique Patagonia origin and exceptional quality coming directly from the purest water source known today in Patagonia. Including an exclusive bottle design with a 38 mm wide mouth bottle that helps you enjoy the best pouring and drinking system available today in the market. Patagonia Premium Waters has a perfect mineral composition that is well reputed to have healthful properties.
Mineral Composition (mg/l)  
TDS 171
Hardness (in CaCo3) 105,4
Sulphates (in So4) 12
Chloride 5,6
Calcium 22,6
Magnesium 9,5
Sodium 18
Fluoride 0,8
PH 7,7
Temperature ( F) 50 (10 OC)
Specifications 330ml 500ml 1liter
Bottles x Pack 24 uni 24 uni 12 uni
Pack Size 360 x 240 x160 mm 360 x 240 x160 mm 360 x 240 x160 mm
Weight x Pack 9,6 kg 13,2 kg 13,2 kg
Pallet 1,00 x 1,20 mts      
Packs x Layer 12 12 14
Layer x Pallet 8 7 6
Total Packs x Pallet 96 84 84
Total Bottles x Pallet 2.304 2.016 1.008
20’ Container 960 Packs 840 Packs 840 Packs
40’ Container 1.920 Packs 1.680 Packs 1.680 Packs


EAN 13 PET Bottle 330 ml 0637459965330
EAN 13 PET Bottle 500 ml 0637459965316
EAN 13 PET Bottle 1 Liter 0637459965293


EAN 13 PET Bottle 330 ml 0637459965279
EAN 13 PET Bottle 500 ml 0637459965255
EAN 13 PET Bottle 1 Liter 0637459965231