About Jaguar Beverage

Since 2010

JB is premium beverage brand and company was launched in 2010 and based in Dubai, UAE and filling factory in Italy.

Non Alcoholic Drink

JED (Jaguar Energy Drink®) a non alcoholic drink was designed and originally produced in Italy with classic black can and sugar free -250ml slim can.

Premium Water

JW (Jaguar premium water still and sparkling with 3 different bottle 330, 550 and 1000ml pet and glass)

Jaguar Vitamin C

JVC (Jaguar vitamin C 250ml) Carbonated Drink full of B6, B3, B2.

Our Distributors

Current distributors: UAE, Kuwait, Holland, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal, Norway, Mongolia, Bahrain, Albania, Greece, Ghana, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Qatar, UK Sweden and list still growing.

Our Mission

Jaguar Beverage Ltd draws attention to the scene of clubber,fashion, arts, music and hospitality group
Jaguar Beverage Ltd exists to benefit and revitalize everyone who drinks it, and is the best products, conveying a lifestyle of fashion, art, music, fun and surprise.
What we want to do is to decode the world of a young lifestyle, which is fashionable, modern, urban and hip – by which people share common „wowow symbols“ such as icons, labels, looks, brands – and, of course: Our Premium products


We respond to drink with all of our senses… When consumers say “this tastes good”, what do they mean? Aroma, appearance, mouth feel, and flavour all contribute to consumer product preference. While focus groups and test marketing are powerful tools in evaluating the success of a new product lunch, how do you analyze the potential success of one profile over another early in the development process? At Jaguar energy drink, research conducted to design, match, or improve the flavour of beverages focuses on analytical and sensory techniques combined with insight into the social and psychological needs of consumers


The challenge for today’s beverage industry is to anticipate and keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer needs. World cultures and tastes will continue to be profoundly influenced by advancements in communication and transportation. Changing lifestyles, environmental concerns, population growth and an increased focus on health and nutrition are also expected to greatly impact consumer demands. At Jaguar energy drink, our intense commitment to research, technology and innovations drives us to meet the most exacting consumer requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work together with you in meeting the many exciting challenges of tomorrow.